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AngularJS Development company

Reasons to Choose AngularJS Web development

AngularJS was developed in 2009 by Google Engineers, It was not a very popular platform until 2012. Since then, AngularJS is moving web design forward with its responsive and elegant features.

AngularJS is new yet very powerful tool for creating browser based applications. It allows us to have complete control with DOM elements. We decorate, Design and synchronize HTML and JavaScript with AngularJS to provide amazing front-end results.

Some Facts About PHP…

1. AngularJS  follows MVC software design pattern to build client-side web applications.

2. To define app’s user interface AngularJS uses HTML, Which less likely to break than an interface written in JavaScript.

3. AngularJS requires less coding to make data-binding simple.

4. Testing and fixing Bugs is very Easy with AngularJS.

5. Support Localization and Smart change detection


Start a Project with paying 10% of the Project Cost
Offering 30 Days free technical Support after project completion
Project Management System
Daily/Weekly Reporting
Competitive Pricing
Confidentiality and Security With NDA
Expert Development Team
Dedicated Project Manager
24/7 Technical Support


Most Sophisticated and Dynamic Apps
Well Maintained and structured Apps
Follow MVC framework for Better Development
HTML Driven Flexible Codes
Cross-platform deployment
Next generation user experiences

Why Choose Prowess Web Solutions for AngularJS Development?

While working with AngularJS from 2010 we gain enough experience and expertise in AngularJS Development to provide Next generation user experiences in our UI/UX designs. We  gain expertise in AngularJS concepts like HTML views, controllers, route configurations, globalization, filters, localization and inline templates. We create effective and powerful dynamic apps using AngularJS.

Why Hire Prowess Web Solutions?

Providing Cost Effective AngularJS Solutions with 100% satisfaction.
A Wide list of Successful projects and clients
Following Mature Project Management System
Regular reporting and project updates
Full Energy of Work
Website Protection for malicious attacks & threats
Helping you to get Maximum return of investment
SEO Optimized Apps and Websites to work well in Search engines

If You are looking to make your web app with with Javascript, We suggest using AngularJS to make most modern and scalable applications. We provide great result and support to our customers to get web application ready in very less time with Quality end Result.